06 October 2014

Stroms Lookout - Daley's Point - Tristan's 14th

Bouddi National Park
Rocky Point Trail
Stroms Lookout

Lighting Tristan's 14th Birthday Cake
I love these Spear Plants
During these school holidays, we bush walked on a couple of trails we haven't been on before.  One of these was the Rocky Point Trail to Stroms Lookout.
Snake on Rocky Trail

Spring Flowers on way to
Stroms Lookout

Tristan and Zoe
Looking out over Brisbane Water
and Pretty Beach
 Just as we started on the trail, there was a snake under our feet!  It was traveling as quickly as possible across the path.  By the time I had my camera out, it was moving into the grass.  The picture above, left is blurry.  The snake was a nice Rust color with good pattern.  Clara thought the tail had been lost.
View from Stroms Lookout
Hardys Bay and Pretty Beach

Pretty Beach and Wagstaffe
Ettalong Beach (Right Point) by sandbar
 Beautiful day, nice walk, awesome lookout.  We enjoyed the time together and in nature.

Zoe with Flannel Flowers on path

Cool Notch in Tree

Heart-shaped bark

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