23 October 2014

Holiday to the Whitsunday Islands

The taxi collected us at 6:15am then train to Sydney Airport.  Morning breakfast after our security clearance and our flight was boarding.  Scheduled 9:50 departure time bacame 10:20 as we waited for connecting flight with 14 additional passengers.

As the plane came in to land, we could see the Whitsunday Island and the blue, blue ocean.  Dylan greeted us at the airport with our golf buggy.  Our luggage was stowed into a trailer attached to the golf buggy he drove.
Dylan @ our golf buggy

We're staying at Cooinda Gardens 1, a 4 bedroom townhouse on the North end of Hamilton Island. Our food order from Coles Online was waiting for us.  By 1pm we were unpacked and in the pool.   After lunch, I drove Tristan, Zoe and Neo in the buggy for a quick tour of the island.  Meanwhile, Clara explored using the free island shuttles.

Early the next morning, Dave and I climbed One Tree Hill to view the sunrise.  We saw a kangaroo dash away.  We heard amazing bird songs we're unfamiliar with.

Sunrise.  Dave @ One Tree Hill
Back at the house by 7am, the younger kids were up.  Zoe, Tristan, Neo and I enjoyed a buffet breakfast with the koalas @ Wildlife.  Tristan's breakfast sausage was snatched from his plate by a kookaburra in midflight!   This little Koala was so adorable.  He was one of 3 having his breakfast with us - and he was active.
Breakfast with this Adorable Koala 

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