24 October 2014

Hamilton Island Vacation

Resort Lookout is the 2nd tallest point on Hamilton Island. Clara took Neo to mini golf, while Zoe, Tristan, Dave and I trekked.  It's a steep climb to the top, but well worth it.  The views are spectacular.  While we were standing at the top, we witnessed a plane coming in to land at the airport. The tallest point is Passage Peak, with many stairs straight up to the top.  Clara climbed to Passage Peak later in the day.

We had opted to take the free shuttle from our holiday accommodation to the start of the trail.
Hamilton Island, Resort Lookout view

Dave and Zoe on Resort Lookout.
Past an 800m Steep Climb there's this sign.

Catherine enjoying a drink in the resort pool.
A cruise ship, with passengers from the US, Canada, and Australia, was visiting Hamilton Island for the day and riding the free shuttles.  Which made our return trip home tricky.  When the shuttle arrived, it was full, until 2 passengers got off then Dave and Tristan could get on and go home.  Zoe and I explored on foot.  We discovered the Resort Pools near Catseye Beach.  We shopped at the General Store.  We looked at other storefronts.  

Sunset over Dent Island, as viewed from One Tree Hill.

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