27 September 2014

National Art School HSC Intensive - Clara's Paintings

Clara was selected for the National Art School's HSC (Higher School Certificate) Instensive class in Painting.  Year 11 students from around NSW applied for the opportunity to participate.

Cell Block Theatre Sign
You can see the circular stairs and bars in
sandstone and bars on the windows of
Cell Block Theatre
Clara's Horse painting was displayed in the Cell Block Theatre.  This theatre has an interesting history.  The restoration project was officially announced in 1955 by Katharine Hepburn.

Originally built in 1836 as a prison block for female inmates, The theatre is a reminder of Sydney's dubious origins as a place for convicts to serve their terms.  The original sandstone walls and bars on windows remain.

Clara's "translation" of Anna Vinogradova painting

The National Art School (University) in Sydney.  Clara had to travel with Dave to the train station in the morning (6:45 am departure time) and returned home about about 6:45 pm - so a full 12 hour day.

The class ran over 9 days - 4 consecutive days in the school holidays after Term 2 and 5 consecutive days in the school holidays after Term 3.  Clara just completed the course.  In 9 days, she "transcribed" 5 paintings.  She seemed to enjoy Anna Vinogradova's paintings.  She learned a lot.

On Friday, there was a public Open House with the art from each Year 11 participant on display.  I took Tristan, Zoe and Neo to the Open House.

Clara's "translation" of Anna Vinogradova painting

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