24 September 2014

Spring Wildflowers on Daleys Point Fire Trail

Sign at the beginning of the Daleys Point Fire Trail
 It's the school holidays here in New South Wales.  The weather has been warm and sunny, perfect for bush walking.  I've been wanting to walk the Daleys Point Fire Trail for some time.  The Parks Department has been upgrading the car park, sparking more interest on my part.  Finally walked it this week, and it was beautiful and enjoyable.  The walk ends with views over the Brisbane Water. Here you'll find some of the Spring Wildflowers we encountered and a few views.  Enjoy!
Wildflowers on the Daleys Point Fire Trail

Brothers on the Daleys Point Fire Trail Walk

White Flannel Flowers.  These flowers are very soft and velvety.

View of Brisbane Water from The Daleys Fire Trail

Another view of Brisbane Water from Fire Trail
Small cave in the rock formation

Tristan thought this was a blood tree....
I don't think that's correct, but the sap is amazing

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