07 September 2014

Wet & Wild August; End of Soccer

This August has been extremely wet and cold.  Meterologists confirmed Sydney had it's wettest and cloudiest August since 1998.  The last 30 days have been the wettest in a long time.  Usually winter is dry and sunny, so this weather is extreme.

The ocean has been very rough and stormy, making for dramatic views.   On the day I took these photos, Dave and I were on our walk on the beach in the sun.  The rain clouds moved inland and we were drenched before we arrived home.

Rain falling over the ocean 
Dramatic rain clouds over rough sea
Blue skies with cloud cover overhead
Because of the big storms, the tidal lines along the beach have been especially heavy with washed up sea life, including these bluebottle (Portuguese Man of War) jellyfish.  

Neo's team with Coach at Soccer Gala day

 Zoe and Neo's soccer season ran for several months prior to this streak of wet weather.  Fortunately, they were able to complete most of their games.  Zoe's team did remarkably well this season - they made it into the Grand Final.  It was an exciting season.
Zoe played goalie in one of the final games of the season (a first for her)
Zoe's soccer team took 2nd place in the Grand Finals for U11s

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