31 July 2010

Getting Down to the Wire

2004 VW Jetta, purchased Sept 2009 Dave only put on 6,000 miles in 10 months

Wow, Dave will be leaving for Australia in just 8 days! Dave's car, the 2004 VW Jetta, just left yesterday.

My van, 2001 Sienna XLE, will be leaving on Monday night. I have loved owning/driving that van.

We rented a car - with keyless start - that we'll use until the kids and I depart on the 18th of August.

2001 Toyota Sienna XLE with leather seats, dual power doors, sun roof
Great van! Loved driving it.
I took my first load of boxes to the storage unit yesterday so I feel good about the progress of packing. I have plans for how the last few days go, and the reservations are all made. Now to just finish packing.

Looking forward to friend visits before we leave. One more meet up with my mom. Dentist appointments for the boys. Neo has 1 more filling. Tristan need to get his braces removed. A few more phone chats with long distance friends and family, before the time change adds a layer of complexity. Last few days to swim at the Shorewood pool. A friend of Clara's, who has been out of the country since January, will be returning on August 11, so they will have one more visit before we head out....

Getting down to the wire....

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