17 August 2010

Murphy's Law in Full Force

If anything can go wrong, it will. That's what it's been like the last few days.

First, Tristan received his retainer on Friday the 13th. On Sunday, I closed the kitchen and packed up the dishes. We went to lunch at a restaurant where he left his retainer wrapped in a napkin and it was promptly swept out with the trash. On Monday, we were fortunate enough to get an emergency retainer made, the replacement charge was $200!

Just before Dave left, water began dripping in through an electrical outlet in the loft. It had never occurred before, and the wind was unusual. We thought the wind may have pushed the rain into nearby roof vents and it found it's way down the wiring. With 4 days to go, another storm caused water to come through the same outlet. I called a roofer, who arrived on moving day. He'll replace the roof vents later this week.

The movers arrived 1 hour early. Not a bad thing - but it meant we weren't as prepared as we might have been. I directed which items were being donated and which to be brought to the storage unit. When we arrived at the storage unit, they informed me that not everything will fit. After stuffing it full, we brought back a dresser, the tall cabinet, Clara's locker, and a few smaller items for donation.

The rental car wasn't very "full size". The interior not very roomy, and the trunk space somewhat small. We had asked several times for a replacement and were even came at an appointed time to swap it out, but the replacement vehicle didn't appear. As a result, it took 2 trips to get all the luggage and people to the hotel.

As I was locking the door to the house for the final time, I pulled it shut, but something seemed not right. The lock seemed too rigid. As soon as the door was pulled closed, I tried opening it again with the key. It would not open. I unlocked the back door and tried opening from the inside - it would not open or unlock. Finally, the handle would turn, but it still would not unbolt. So there will be another charge to get a replacement lock/door knob.

Having said and done all that, we are finally on our way! It's great to be free of the packing and moving bit!

We've had some great times with friends and family these last few weeks. We'll miss everyone. Thanks so much - keep in touch. Goodbye Madison!

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