17 July 2010


Our wonderful cat, Fiona

Our cat, Fiona, just left with Dave on their way to Kent, Ohio where she will be loved and cared for by Dave's sister, Jennifer and her husband Bob. There's something nice about having her go to family. We'll be able to get updates on her well being from time to time.

Fiona was supposed to be a dog. After our dog Harley died in December 2004, we wanted a new dog after some months. We went to the Dane County Humane Society but they didn't have any dogs that were good with children under 8 - and I had 3 under 8. Of course we couldn't go home empty handed, so the kids begged for a kitten. The staff set us up in the visitation room and proceeded to bring in kittens to interact with our family. Most of the kittens introduced to a walking toddler, a preschooler, and a kindergartener ran for cover. When Fiona a.k.a. Funny came into the room, she didn't flee. She played with the kids! We knew she was different from the start.

Fiona with Neo

Fiona does well with children and with other cats as well. When she arrived to a house filled with cats: Sweet Pea, Muser, and Joey. She didn't mind being hissed at, she even playfully jumped on the other cats. Which they hated - especially Sweet Pea. The other 3 cats died in 2008.
Dave and Fiona resting together

Fiona is a beautiful cat. She is mostly grey with brown and white mixed in. She has some strange habits, like lying down when she eats her food. She's a great companion. She loves to come and lay down next to you when reclining on the couch. She lays at your feet during the night. She has her claws, but rarely scratched - even when being handled roughly by the children. Neo was especially rough on her.
Fiona eating a blueberry

She loves to eat and will walk on you while you're sleeping to let you know that her bowl is empty. She also loves to eat blueberries, raspberries, and pumpkin.

We love Fiona very much and will miss her greatly. But the drive to Ohio is less stressful for her then a flight to Australia and a prolonged quarantine.

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