05 July 2010

The Odyssey Begins Again

We have purchased our plane tickets for Australia! Dave leaves on 8 August, 2010. He arrives in Sydney on 10 August. He'll be staying at a holiday house in Mac Master's Beach. The house is right on the lagoon. We used to walk past this house regularly. He's really excited about this location. This link is the holiday rental.
The children and I will be flying out on 18 August, 2010. We will stay overnight in Anaheim, CA. On 19 August, we'll spend the day in Disneyland. About 6:30pm, we'll collect our luggage and head to LAX. We're flying out on V Australia. We flew Qantas last time, this will be different. We arrive in Sydney on 21 August.

Much to do when we get back: get the cars up and running, find a permanent rental, buy furniture, get the kids back into school.

We did not sell our house (see my previous post). Our tenants are a married couple, both work as coaches on the UW Crew Teams. They are excited about living in our house - and we believe this will work well. We acquired the lease forms from our attorney. This couple have lived and worked in Madison for 2 years. They come highly recommended from their current landlord.

Dave's sister, Jennifer, will be taking our cat, Fiona. Dave has to take her to Ohio some weekend in July.

After that we have to pack up the house. Some of our stuff will be donated, some stored, some sent to Australia. We'll send some of our personal effects. We are not taking any furniture. We are taking Clara and Tristan's new Trek bikes and the scooters.

We hope to be gone 1 -2 years. Our flights are all One-Way tickets!

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