18 April 2009

Sydney Walk About

Harbour Bridge from Circle Train Platform

It's Easter Holidays. In fact, most of Australia closes down to observe Good Friday, so Dave had off from work. Dave also had Easter Monday as a holiday from work. During this time, we saw the aboriginal drawings and went on other excursions near our home.

The kids have 12 days off school. So we are taking this time to do some exploring. We looked into having some time away from the area, but there's a minimum number of nights required and a premium for overnight bookings, so we're going to stick to day trips.

On Tuesday, we bought a DayTripper transportation ticket with the Family Deal. The Family Deal is 1 adult can take up to 4 children for the price of 1 adult fare plus 1 child fare. Neo is under 4, so he is free. The DayTripper one price with unlimited rides on buses, trains, and ferries. For the cost of a return train ticket to Sydney (which means round trip ticket), we could also ride the ferry.

Bronze Plaque

We arrived in Sydney's Circular Quay at 10:45. There's a great view of the Harbour Bridge from the train platform (see picture). It was the children's first time in Sydney. On the Quay, are bronze plaques commemorating individuals. Also markers where the original Circular Quay was - before the most current.

Harbour View of the Sydney Opera House

We walked by the Sydney Opera House at the end of the Circular Quay and across from the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Zoe at the gate of the Royal Botanical Gardens

We had packed a lunch and drinks, so we decided to dine in the Royal Botanical Gardens. A couple of ibis birds kept us company while we ate. Neo enjoyed chasing one around the park for a while.

Harbour Bridge from the Royal Botanical Gardens

Near to where we ate was a wonderful view of the famous Harbour Bridge. If you look closely, you can see people climbing up the arch of the bridge - it's a sight seeing trip. One we won't be taking.

After lunch, we walked around the Government House, which is inside the Gardens but fenced off. The grounds are available for touring daily. The interior has tours on the weekend. As we walked through the gardens, we noticed a large colony of bats roosting in the trees.

Tristan on one of the stones

Outside of the Gardens, we found this interesting Art display. It apparently is unique pieces of a building that once stood.

Zoe playing on the stones

Zoe and Tristan outside a restaurant in Darling Harbour

We walked back to the Circular Quay and took the ferry to Darling Harbor. Darling harbour is a tourist destination. The Sydney Aquarium is there. There are many hotels and restaurants.

Crane water fountain

We walked past many water features.

We walked past the Chinese Gardens.

Wall of Water, water feature

We walked on the outskirts of China Town, and the Paddy Markets, on our way to the Central Train station, so we could catch our train home. We arrived back in Woy Woy about 45 minutes before Dave.


Dana said...

The Gardens and Hyde Park are my favorite spots in the CBD. They're both so beautiful. I've noticed as well the steady rotation of different flowers blooming depending on the season. Gorgeous!

TheHarriman Family said...

Sydney looks like a lot of fun. That is great that you are really getting out there and seeing the sights. I would love to see the opera house.

Catherine said...

Thanks Dana. I haven't been to Hyde park, yet. Have you noticed that the plants seem to be growing now that it's cooling off. Very different fall to the northern US - or Canada.

Catherine said...

Ranae -
Tristan and Zoe get to see "The Little Mermaid" at the Sydney Opera House on May 4. I would love to go along - but parents are not invited. I've been told that the inside of the Opera house is even more spectacular then the outside.