07 April 2009

Palm Beach, New South Wales

Barren Joey side of Palm Beach - sheltered bay

Palm Beach NSW is home to many famous, infamous, and wealthy people - according to the Sydney Morning Herald. On Sunday 22 March, Clara, Zoe, Neo and I set out via ferry to explore Palm Beach. Tristan and Dave had a day with just the guys. Tristan enjoyed that very much.

We drove up the scenic road to Wagstaffe to catch the 10:50 ferry. We were surprised to see friends arrive minutes later. They also live in Macmasters Beach and their youngest daughter is in Zoe's kindy class.

Our ferry at Palm Beach Wharf

The catamaran ferry was good sized. It had a view deck on the top and an enclosed lower cabin - with windows all around that opened and the back deck was open too. Clara sat on the back deck. We sat behind the glass to be spared the sun - and the splashing waves.

Neo in front of an interesting tree on the streets of Palm Beach

The ferry crossed from Wagstaffe to Ettalong Beach - where a long line of people was waiting to board. From there, it went tp Palm Beach. The boat was only briefly in open ocean, but even during that brief trip, with the boat fully loaded, the waves really tossed us.

We arrived in Palm Beach in time for lunch. We enjoyed our fish and chips meal at this cafe with outdoor seating.

Palm Beach is a suburb of Sydney. It's the furthest point of the peninsula. On one side is Barren Joey with it's lighthouse and bay. That's where the ferry dropped us off. On the other side is Ocean Beach - a beach that faces open ocean.

Barren Joey side of Palm Beach - as seen from the trail

When I suggested a walk about in Palm Beach - I imagined we would do some "city" walks. What I didn't imagine is a "bushwalk". When Clara and Zoe asked to go to Ocean Beach - I asked a local about the steps going up the side of the hill. I was assured that it was only a 15 minute walk.

Despite our climbing 386 steps on a steep hill and through the bush, the trail put us out on a road with a sign that did not lead us to another path. We asked a passing motorist for assistance and they assured us the path to Ocean Beach was difficult to find from the road and was a far way yet. The recommended we retrace our steps. So we did.

Ocean Beach, as seen from the road

This sign was a warning to us as we set out. Classic Australian sign!

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Steven said...

I have been hearing a lot of great stuff about palm beach even before I was just applying for an Australian holiday visa. One of the things that I love about being in another place is that I have the chance to relax at the beach, my favorite place. I do hope that it would be as peaceful as when you guys were there and that there aren't that much crowd just yet. Well, summer is near and I'm pretty sure that the beaches will get crowded.