15 April 2009


A quick note about Easter. Since there were no white eggs to be had, I wasn't too keen on dyeing eggs. We stopped off at a boot sale that the Kincumber Uniting Church was hosting. (A boot sale is where people bring car loads of stuff to sell in a parking lot - and they pay the organization for a space to display their wares from the boot a.k.a. trunk of their car)

The church was offering a craft of painting Easter eggs. I asked the woman running it where she found the white eggs. She said she looked everywhere but in the end, she painted the eggs white!

Zoe and Neo painted these eggs. Then we found some ceramic eggs and paint - which Zoe and Neo painted at home. Notice they were painted and not dyed!

There are Hot Cross Buns available everywhere you look weeks before Easter. You can have traditional - with raisins, plain, cinnamon, chocolate chip. I don't see many Hot Cross Buns in Madison - I remember looking for them one year - but had to go to Scott's bakery to find them.

Toffee Apple cut up - they come in red and green. The topping is hard - but melts.? A little weird - but tasty

Terrigal beach in early morning light
Easter morning, I went to a sunrise service on Terrigal beach. The service was a combined church service. It was very moving....yet relaxed. We sang some wonderful hymns.

Later on Easter Sunday, we went for a bush walk with Dave down to Lobster beach. The kids and I had been to Lobster beach previously, but Dave had not. When we were there before, Tristan had found a snail that was as large as his fist. He was eager to show Dave.

The beach is difficult to access and in a cove - which makes it ideal for boaters. They were out in droves due to the Easter holiday. Dave prefers beaches without so many people.

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TheHarriman Family said...

I am glad that you
guys had a good Easter! That is funny about no white eggs! They must not have those kind of hens there. I did think of you when we rode on the little train. The kids were so little then. Time sure flies! We can't wait to see you.