26 April 2009

Mt. Ettalong Look Out and Waterfall near Pearl Beach

Overlooking Lion Island and Pearl Beach - at a typical lookout - no railing!

Dave took 2 days off of work to spend some time with the family during their Easter break. Unfortunately, Dave was sick with a cold over his 4 day weekend - as was most of the family. It also rained and/or was overcast the entire time. So we laid low and recuperated.

On Monday, 20 April, Dave was back to work. A 5 day week after 2, 3 day weeks. It was a difficult week. He was scheduled to have training that week, but it wasn't scheduled properly, so was canceled. (Amazing, the paperwork was completed, the training approved, but no trainer allocated!)

Pearl Beach from Mt. Ettalong Lookout

We took Monday to do some preparations for the week - groceries, etc. On Tuesday, 21 April, we planned to go to the Taronga zoo - but it was overcast and more rain expected.

Lion Island (notice the storm clouds brewing)
Lion Island can be viewed from Blackwall Mountain Reserve Lookout

Ettalong as viewed from Mt. Ettalong Lookout

Instead, we went to the Mt. Ettalong Look Out. The views were amazing.

This Lookout actually has a railing!

At this place, there was a sign with notations, in miles, not kilometers, of the distance to other locations.

On the walk back to the car, it began to sprinkle. That was fine because we were warm from the walk. But with 50 meters to go, the clouds opened up....and we ran for it!

Sign on the road to Pearl Beach - what it doesn't show is the grade - it's a steep decline. There's another sign further down the road that indicates "changing road conditions" - an exhilarating drive!

We were wet but in good spirits. So we drove to Pearl Beach, ate lunch in the car and prepared to go explore the waterfall near Pearl Beach.

Small waterfall near Pearl Beach
Somersby Falls is another waterfall in the area

This was really a bush walk! The path was over grown and fairly steep. I warned the kids to stay on the path and use a stick to make noise in front of them - to warn snakes to get out of the way.

We found tadpoles here too - they are different then the ones at Somersby Falls - larger - but not more developed

Tristan at the lower part of the Pearl Beach water fall. He was the only one to go down here because it's fairly difficult to access.

I noticed the rain clouds coming our direction again, so we high tailed it to the car - but not before the showers caught us, again!

Beautiful wildflowers blooming, even in fall

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