18 February 2009

A Rose by Other Names.....

As you probably know, Aussie/British English and US English are different in a few contexts. Most people are familiar with the English term "boot" meaning "trunk". Here are some from our travels in Australia.

Mince or Mince Beef = Ground Beef or Hamburger
Rockmelon or Rocky for short = Muskmelon or Cantaloupe
chooks = chickens
biro = pen
textas = markers
rubber = eraser
capsicum = pepper
pumpkin = squash - signs say pumpkin, butternut
bowser = gas pump
nappies = diapers

This is a Footie
footie = Aussie Rules Football ball
lollie = any kind of candy
fringe = bangs
torch = flashlight
swimming costume or cosi = swimming suit
short white = milk based coffee drink

trolley = cart (also the carts at the air port)
I have to say that there is a significant difference in the design of the trolley vs the cart. The cart goes straight, for the most part, whereas the trolley's wheels can go in any direction. I find myself struggling against these trolleys - especially when loaded and in the parking lot.

"queue up" = "form a line"
"have a go" = "give it a try"
"one off" = "just one" or "once"
"top of" 30 degrees = "high" of 30 degrees

There are more, but that's all I can think of at the mo (Aussie for moment).

We use our cloth enviro bags a lot more here. In part because they are very inexpensive to purchase and are ubiquitous. Also there are no paper bags used at all. Many of the plastic bags offered at the stores are weak. Much better to bring your own enviro bag then risk having smashed eggs in the parking lot. Which reminds me, the eggs are in the grocery aisle in most stores. Not refrigerated section. And I haven't seen a white egg shell since I arrived in Australia.

Some of the conveniences I miss: pay at the pump. Parcel pick up at the grocery store.

Neo has discovered Australian sausage rolls, and likes them. We do not have anything like those in the US. The sausage is mild. The rolls are like calzone bread. Delicious.

Zoe won a merit reward in school this week. She was honored in a school assembly on Friday. Two students per classroom per week are given merit awards.

The weather here is greatly improved. Temps in the 70s and beautiful blue skies. The fire danger in this area is "low" because of all of the rainfall.

The death toll from the fires is over 200. There are still fires burning. One firefighter died tending to fires. The children from Copacabana school raised over $1000 from their Mufti day. There are more fundraisers planned to aid schools in Victoria affected by the fires.


B. Sorenson said...

Good for you Zoe. What did she do to receive the reward?

Catherine said...

Zoe's reward was for "excellent penmanship"