23 February 2009

Maitland Bay - in the Wet

Maitland Bay from Lookout
The first time the kids and I went to Maitland Bay without Dave. I thought he would really enjoy going down to Maitland Bay sometime because it's truly beautiful. Plus the bushwalk down and back up is interesting - with a couple of look outs, a small stream, a bridge and many steps.

On Sunday, Dave suggested we go down to Maitland Bay - he drives past the entrance every day. We all agreed and were off. The trail was very different this time though. Because of the rain, it was muddy, and there was some standing water and a few mosquitoes. Never mind, keep going.

Zoe, Tristan and Neo on Lookout Rock

As we crossed the stream, Clara screamed "There's a slug on my foot!" We all stopped to find that it wasn't a slug, but a LEECH! Clara was horrified. I had to take it off. It had not bit her, yet, but the leech really does hang on with it's "foot" while it attaches it's mouth to the skin. I managed to get it off - but it's not an easy task because it's very slippery and moves away from you while you're trying to grab it. A few steps later, Clara called that she had another leech on her foot. Again, I pulled it off before it had a chance to bite her.

Clara and Tristan on Lookout Rock

We made our way down to the beach. When we arrived, we checked everyone's feet for leeches. I had one on my foot that was attached. Probably happened while I was removing one from Clara.

Tristan on the beach with saiboats in the bay
We did enjoy the beach at Maitland Bay. But Clara was shaken and worried about the climb back up. She really was having a hard time shaking the memory of the leeches crawling on her.

We discovered a lagoon just inland from the bay. And a clear path that the ocean had made to deposit water there. Here's Zoe on the edge of the path.

We came across a group of people/tourists that had been bushwalking. There were several leeches attached to those people. The guide said they were out because of the rains.

On the climb back up, we ran into my friend, Jennefer and her family. One leech grabbed my foot but I got it off before it could attach.


Dana said...

Yikes, we've seen plenty of spiders but no leeches yet (fingers crossed).
Though the beach pictures are beautiful and it looks like it was well worth the walk!

Catherine said...

Dana -
It was well worth the walk. It's a hike my husband would like to take again - once it's dry!