02 February 2009

Copa School Update

The student population at the Copacabana Public School has swelled to 261. Which means that there are enough to retain all 11 teachers. YEAH! We were concerned. At the Monday Parent meeting, our principal indicated that there might be an additional student enrolled too. So all good.

There will be 2 kindergarten rooms, a Year 1, Year 1&2 blend, Year 2, Year 2&3 blend, Year 3, Year 4&5 blend, Years 4,5,6 blend, Year 5&6 blend, and Year 5&6 blend. The principal indicated that Year 4 is a small group and that they needed some time apart, which is the reason for the 4,5,6 composite classroom.

None of us parents will know which teacher our child will be with until Wednesday afternoon, after the numbers have been reported. Following that, the children will be placed into their classrooms. In the first few days of the school year, the children have been gathering with the teachers they had the previous year until the enrollment numbers and teacher assignments could be ironed out.

I received the book fees for this year: Zoe $15 - 1 book, Tristan $40 - 3 books; Clara - $40 3 books. Only Clara brought home a list of supplies required for school. Her supply list: 2 blue biros and 2 red biros, 2 HB pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler, colored pencils. See the picture to understand the list. I didn't know what a "brios" was. The pencils look odd to me because of the lack of eraser on the end. The kids thought that too.

The teacher assignments happened this afternoon ("Avro" as they say here). Clara is in 5/6L (Miss Lanning) and Tristan is in 2L (Mrs. Lamm). Zoe remains in her KC room (Mrs. Chapmann)


LizzyT said...

We know them as biros (ball point pens), I always find that funny how things are known by different words.

oldwhitelady said...

Your pa sent your blog to me.

I'm glad to read about "the land down under" and to hear that you relocated alright. It sounds like the children will be having a fine time at school. :)