09 February 2009

Black Swan

I had never never seen a black swan before these two. Amazing.

If you look closely on the right side, you can see young swans. We saw a family of 7 on Friday 20 February.

We really enjoy the birds of Australia.

When we first arrived in Queensland, we saw these grey and rose Correllas, but we haven't seen them here on the Central Coast, until recently.

Recently we've been having King Parrots land on our balcony, looking for a feeding. They still stop by even though the amount of food left out has diminished (can't find the nuts in our trees).

This bird is called a Crested Pigeon or a Crested Dove (depends on the source)

We also enjoy walking down to the lagoon to feed the ducks. Recently a new family of ducks arrived, but we haven't seen them since this picture was taken.

Tristan likes to drop bits of bread into the water. The fish pounce on the bread. He then takes his jar and scoops them up. He always puts them back.

These are wild turkeys. Just strolling down the road on the way to school one day. (we were on the way to school....not the turkeys)

It was really hot and humid last week. Teachers had the air con on in the school classrooms. But this week it's been cool and overcast and rainy. Can only help the fire fighters in Victoria.

Well, you know your child is attending school in Australia when they bring home their school work. Tristan brought home a word story called "Wombat Stew". Zoe brought home a count to 5 worksheet book. One wombat, two kangaroos, three koalas, four possums, five echidnas. And a fill in the blank sheet that states: My mum ____

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TheHarriman Family said...

I got a kick out of the wild turkeys! How fun is that!!