03 July 2011

A Beautiful Winter's Day

The red in the sky is due to the ash particles from the Chilean volcano, we believe. Flights have been grounded in Australia due to the ash cloud.

The Reptile Man helps Neo "wrestle" this baby crocodile

Clara was thrilled to go to her school's disco on Wed 29 June. What a way to celebrate her birthday with friends.

As a treat, I took all the kids out for ice cream. When we got home, Neo said his ear felt "blocked". During the night, he began vomiting and had a fever. Neo refused all medication until about 3am. Dave stayed home from work to help get the other kids ready for school. As I carried Neo out of the car at the doctor's office, he vomited all over me. The doctor said his temperature of 41.5 C broke the fever record for the month - a fact that made Neo smile. I would have been more shocked if I wasn't still trying to calculate his temp in F - 106.7. He was diagnosed with a middle ear infection. The medicine the doctor prescribed was effective and he was better by the next day.

The aboriginals call this snake "Rainbow Snake" Neo is looking closely to see the rainbow. The camera's flash reveals the rainbow.

On Saturday, Neo went to his friend Ben's much anticipated birthday party. Neo had been looking forward to the party for 2 weeks. He had watched Zoe enjoying 2 sleep over birthday parties the 2 Saturday's prior. Since Neo is only 4, I stayed at the party to help. I met many other parents. The entertainment was "The Reptile Man". Neo was enthralled. He received a "kiss" from a blue tongue lizard. He got to "pet" a baby blue tongue. He learned about lizards and snakes. The birthday party was a big success.

Neo wouldn't step forward to be photographed, instead preferring to spy from around his friends.

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