07 July 2011

Term 2 Conclusion

Norah Head lighthouse from the beach

Playing with a vine found on the beach

Term 2 of the school year ended on Friday 1 July. There was a NAIDOC celebration at Copa school. Tristan received an award at the School Assembly. Clara also received an award for her work over this term at Kincumber High School.

All the the children are learning very well in school. I was able to meet with several of Clara's teachers and heard glowing praise for her and her abilities. I was especially pleased to hear she is 3rd in her science class - and 5th over the entire 8th grade in science.

Interesting plant washed up on the beach

I was able to attend the interview with Zoe's teacher. Zoe is doing great in class. She is strong in Maths and Reading. She has made some great friends too.

On Monday morning, the appointed day of Tristan's parent - teacher conference, I was notified that the appointment was cancelled, as his teacher had had her baby over the weekend. Baby Reef arrived 3 weeks early but weighted in at 6lbs 2 oz and healthy. Tristan's teacher will be gone for next term and plans to return to his classroom in Term 4. Tristan's report card was glowing!

The last week of school was more busy then usual. Clara went to her school's disco on Wednesday night. That same night, Neo was suffering with fever and vomiting caused by a middle ear infection. Neo vomited all over me as I carried him from the car to the doctor's office. His doctor recorded a temperature of 106.7. (41.5c). Fortunately, the prescription worked quickly and his temperature and ear were much better by Friday. Well enough to attend Ben's birthday party on Saturday (reptile man - see previous post)

"Take a picture of us in our fort!"

On Sunday, we began our school holidays by going to the Whale Dreamers Festival at Norah Head Lighthouse. It was a gorgeous winter day! We went to the beach near the lighthouse first. Zoe, Tristan, and Neo had a great time playing on the beach. They were especially thrilled with the white sand of the beach.

Tristan holds a single vertebrae of a Minke whale

The road leading to the lighthouse was closed, so we walked the nature path. There were vendors, live bands and some of activists from Green Peace who had thwarted the Japanese whaling boats last season. We even saw 3 whales swimming by!

Note: I have to add that this is mid-winter! We had some miserable wet days early this season, but the weather has been much drier and bright sunny days. Temps at night to single digits C (mid 30s low 40s F) then warming to 60s during the day.

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