20 June 2011

5 Lands Walk

From MacMasters Beach to Copacabana

Last week was very difficult. We had flooding in the lower level on Saturday night, 3 x on Sunday, then again Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. I went to the Tenancy Tribunal on Friday to see about getting out of the lease. The landlord's agent and I met with the Councillor. He pointed out to her that her client was in breach of the contract, but he didn't let us out. He did however give us a rent reduction and we are going back for a full hearing in July. Meanwhile, the girls do not have a room to live in. Our lease is done 29 August, so we'll be out soon either way.

Neo dancing his solo

Neo with his preschool class danced the Whale Dance

On Saturday, the skies cleared, it was a fabulous, sunny day. We celebrated by going on the 5 Lands Walk. The 5 Lands are MacMasters Beach, Copacabana, Avoca Beach, North Avoca, and Terrigal.

Neo, post dance with his whale and brother Tristan

Neo was in the Opening Ceremony with his class. They were very cute with their costumes. He danced "the whale dance" with his teacher, Lyn.

The kids and I walked as a family from MacMasters Beach to Copacabana. Zoe and Tristan had art on display there. They showed me their paintings. We watched the aboriginal ceremonies. Here's coverage of the event from the news channel. We all saw many friends and enjoyed hanging out for a while.

Tristan with his artwork which was on display on Copa Beach

Zoe with her artwork

Neo with the artwork he claimed as his

Clara and I decided to continue on the walk - our goal was to get to Avoca Beach. While Tristan, Zoe, and Neo enjoyed hot chips (that's Aussie for French Fries) and a drink, Clara and I walked on. They had Clara's mobile phone, and they kept in touch as we walked. The road to Avoca is mostly uphill - then down a muddy trail, and up another hill.

Aboriginal dancers on Copa Beach

We enjoyed the artwork at Avoca Beach. Tristan called just as we arrived at downtown Avoca Beach to say he had asked Dave to come pick them up. We asked them to pick us up too. We had made it to North Avoca (the 4th land) and we were ready for lunch.

Clara on the trail between Copa and Avoca Beach - just cresting the hill

Zoe had a birthday party that afternoon. She enjoyed her first sleep over at a friend's house. What a lucky girl!

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