10 April 2011

A couple of comments on the NSW election

The election for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly occurred on 26 March. For an old political junkie like me, there was a lot to learn. From the parties and players, to the way a vote is cast. Besides the many differences in government between Australia and the United States (the Governor is appointed by the Queen of England), there were two items that stood out the most to this American: 1) the lack of nasty political ads on TV. The election was issues based. All candidates talked about what they'd like to change if voted into office.

2) The winner was announced in The Telegraph the day BEFORE the election! There were several stories on the percentage of votes for the Labor party.

The election was notable because the Liberal Party crushed the Labor Party! The large number of voters is not the surprise, it's compulsory to vote here in Australia. The surprise was the number of seats thought to be "Labor strongholds" that went for the Liberals. People were fed up.

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