22 April 2011

Sydney Family Show

Neo being very careful with the little chick.

The kids and I traveled to Sydney's Moore Park for the Sydney Family Show during the April school holidays. Moore Park is quite an interesting place and has a long history. There are shops, restaurants, and a movie theater. There are also playgrounds and ball fields in the park.

Tristan demonstrating how his Squiggle works.

The Sydney Family Show is very much like a county fair in the US. There were rides, vendors selling "one of a kind items" from various stalls, entertainment, and showbags. There showbags of all shapes, sizes and varieties for sale in the park.

Testing out the DS 3D

Checking out the fun house mirrors

Clara had a ride on the Zorb Balls. Tristan bought a Squiggle pet. Tristan and Neo participated in a sword battle with the TV show "Merlin". All the kids played with the new DS 3D at the demo tent. Everyone enjoyed playing with the farm animals in the petting zoo. Neo played on the playground and in the "prehistoric" bounce house. And on the way home, we all enjoyed dutch pancakes as a treat.

Show bags! The Aussie's love show bags!

Clara in a Zorb ball

These three were all dressed up making their way to the performance.


Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I'm going to have to check out if this is still going on-- looks fun. Hope you got my email..

Grace said...

Hi I've been to the Wisconsin State fair when I was in the US years ago, it was great. If you want to check out a real Australian Fair go to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, it's amazing, unbelievable entertainment, hundreds of animals, farmers, showbags. It ends on Wednesday.

franky said...

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