26 March 2011

New School Year 2011

The school year began on 31 January, 2011. Today is 26 March (election day for New South Wales) and Term 1 is nearly complete. With just 2 weeks remaining, I thought I should provide an overview of the school year.

Clara finally made it into 8th grade. It was hard on her starting school in September 2010 and joining her class in Year 7 when her friends in Madison were moving on to Year 8. Her year 8 classes are all required classes - she'll have electives next year. In addition to English, Maths, Social Studies, PE, and History, she has Japanese, metalworking, and cooking.

Tristan is in Year 4. His teacher is new to Copa school. From my observations, I think his teacher seems to do a good job. During role call, she posts the schedule for the day on the Interactive Whiteboard. I help out on Thursday mornings for 1 hour. Tristan is working on his multiplication tables. He has made a good start on completing the Premier's Reading Challenge. Tristan turned in 2 perfect spelling tests this term, earning himself a new scooter - Razor Pro.

Zoe is in Year 2. She has the same teacher she had in Year 1. She is happy about this. She really likes her teacher and most of the kids are the same too. She is reading really well. Zoe is also reading for the Premier's Reading Challenge. Zoe also completed successive perfect spelling results. She chose a baby Zhu Zhu pet for her reward.

Neo is in 2 different preschools. I wanted to get him into a highly recommended preschool. The only day available there was Monday. He also goes to the care center/preschool near to our house on Wednesdays. He takes attending 2 different schools in stride.

While Neo is in school on Wednesday, I'm taking my class. It's called Mind Your Own Business, or MYOB. It's the preferred bookkeeping software in Australia. When I complete this course, I will be rewarded Certificate III in MYOB.

Dave continues working at the Department of Education - Middleware Support. He now has remote access. He used it on Thursday to work from home so he could attend a doctor appointment. It worked out very well.

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