17 October 2008

We have our VISA!!


After more then 6 months of waiting, our VISAS have been granted!! I just mailed the passports out to get the entry stamps.

Dave flies out on 18 November and arrives in Brisbane Australia on the morning of 20 November.

The children and I fly out on 21 November, and play a few days in Los Angeles. We thought it would be best to break up the flights. Then we board the plane for the long flight (14 hours) at midnight on 23 November. Hopefully everyone will be comfortable and sleep.

We decided to stay at Shorncliff by the Sea - the smaller unit with train access. There seems to be a lot for the kids to do outdoors at that rental too, so hopefully it won't be too hot! Also we can take the train for day trips.

I'll post more as it goes!


TheHarriman Family said...

Yeah! I am so excited for you guys! Now the adventure begins!

c said...

Thanks!!! We're thrilled!

What is your status? Are you in your new location?