31 October 2008

Halloween 2008

What a wonderful Halloween the children and I enjoyed. First we met Grandma Sorenson in Milwaukee for a fun day at the Stone Fire Game place. Neo enjoyed playing with the trains,water area and ball area (3 stories!). Clara, Tristan, Zoe and Grandma played electronic games (skeet and "Deal or No Deal were favorites). We also enjoyed a wonderful buffet lunch!

When we returned home, it was just in time to join our neighbors for a walk around the neighborhood. Tristan played the part of a Ninja this year. Zoe was Snow White.
Neo was Thomas the Tank Engine. He did really well. He said "trick or treat", "thank you" and "Happy Halloween!"

Even Clara got in on a couple of houses. She saw our neighbors Margaret and Jim. And Kelly. Kelly has a dog named Monet that Clara plays with regularly.

The temperature was perfect too! Even now it's reading 50 - and this after we had snow flurries a few days ago!

Happy Halloween to all! (I don't think they have Halloween in Australia.)

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