14 October 2008

Flights Booked!!!

Wow! We've booked our flights! Dave is leaving on Tuesday, November 18. He departs from Madison about 4:30pm arrives in Los Angeles about 9:30pm. The flight for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia leaves LAX at 11:50pm. He'll arrive in Brisbane at about 7:45am on Thursday, 20 November.

We rented a little 3 bedroom house near the ocean. It's in a little town called Shorncliffe. The house is small, but it's across the street from the Ocean and a play park for the kids. I think they'll really love that. Plus it's only 5 minute walk to the train - and I'd like to take the train to see the area - less getting lost.

Our renters have signed the agreement for the House. We think we have someone lined up who will care for our cat, Fiona while we're away. Now I have to get the house sorted and packed. Tie up some loose ends. And we'll be off!

So the clock begins ticking.

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