01 October 2011

Flat Stanley does Bondi

Flat Stanley at Bondi Beach - (I like the small people above the sign)

Panorama of Bondi

Tristan's 4th grade class created Flat Stanley at the end of Term 3. Their assignment these school holidays is to take pictures with Flat Stanley in various (iconic) places. We have never been to Bondi Beach. On Tristan's birthday we went to Bondi.

Kids on playground at park by Bondi Beach

Neo watching/feeding ibis

Kids enjoyed feeding the pigeons

The day was warm with gusts of wind. We packed a lunch to grill on the barbie. While I was grilling, Clara cut the bread. She had some crumbs which she threw to the 3-4 pigeons that had come to partake of our lunch. Instantly more then 20 pigeons and an ibis descended on us. We had a fast lunch between holding our plates down and keeping the birds at bay! The kids enjoyed feeding the birds after eating.

All the kids played on the playground. Then we went for a walk along the coastal track. The Bondi rock pool is really special - 50m with swim lanes.

Big rock must be climbed.

Along the coastal walk near Bondi

Bondi's rock pool

On the way home, we stopped at an automated car wash. The car wash damaged my new car! I was so distressed. They say they'll fix it and give me a rental while they do so. We have to bring the car in next week.

My poor car!

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