01 October 2011

Bubbles, Book Sale & Blue Tongue

Neo and Zoe with bubble wands and bubbles

First day of October and it was a busy Saturday. Dave and I walked down to the beach for our morning date. We have coffee at the Beach Club every Saturday. We walked over to MacMasters' Progress Hall for the semi-annual book sale. We bought several books for a donation. The sale was so much fun, I took the kids over again after lunch and bought another bag full of books. They also had a dog show, which we enjoyed very much. Many dogs were wearing costumes.

Blue tongue lizard showing how he got his name.

At home, the kids observed a blue tongue lizard in the backyard. Tristan put on my leather garden gloves and caught him. He said the lizard was very strong. The rest of us petted him and took pictures. It's the first time Tristan has caught a blue tongue lizard.

Tristan said the Blue Tongue lizard was strong. He doesn't sun in our yard anymore.

Later Clara photographed the kids blowing bubbles in the backyard. They also went to a short swim in the pool.

Big, beautiful, bubbles.

Just a note about my car. The dealer provided us with a loaner vehicle for a week while they repaired the damage caused by their automated car wash. The car was restored to new condition. Then in mid-October, I heard what I thought was a stone lodged in my tire. Clara and I were driving in the car when quickly found out it was a nail...and the tire was flat. There was damage to the tire wall (tyre as they spell it here) had to be replaced. Hopefully that's it for the car dramas now.

Python in our backyard.

Speaking of reptiles in the back yard. We had a python in our backyard. The whole family was invited to come and see it first hand.

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