11 January 2011

Queensland Floods

Queensland Flooding

During my mom's video call to wish Zoe a happy birthday, she mentioned that people are concerned about us because of the news reports of flooding in Australia.

First, we are fine. The floods are many miles away to the north of us in Queensland.

Having said that, I thought I'd share about the areas that are experiencing the flooding. On 10 January, a "wall of water" 8 meters high (which is higher then 26 feet) came through the town of Toowoomba. It's also been called an "inland tsunami". There was no warning when this wall of water came through. The news stories and video footage is shocking. Click here and here for some video news coverage.

This Queensland map show city names - You can see Toowoomba to the Northwest of Brisbane

Now Brisbane is bracing for the city to go under water as all that water make it's way down and into the Brisbane river which runs through the center of town. The last great flood in the area was 1974 and this is projected to be higher and the results worse.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones to the flood waters. Also to those who have lost businesses, homes, vehicles. The devastation is unbelievable....and the Brisbane river has not peaked yet.

We live in New South Wales, shown in purple above. We are 1 hour north of Sydney.
Byron Bay is about 2 hours north of us. Brisbane is about 4 hours north of Byron Bay.

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