30 January 2011

Australia Day 2011

Australia Day is on 26 January. This year it fell on a Wednesday. Dave had the day off of work so we had some family time. We swam in the pool, enjoyed watermelon, and cookout foods. Then we went down to Killcare Beach where 3 of us swam (Zoe, Tristan and I) and Dave and Neo explored the rocks. Zoe and Tristan jumped the waves at the shore. Clara was worried about Blue Bottle jellyfish, so she didn't swim. The swells were high, but once I got past them, the water was calm and fun to float on.
Neo in the rocks @ Killcare Beach

Clara keeping watch @ Killcare

Tristan and Zoe enjoying the waves @ Killcare

In the evening, Zoe, Neo, Clara, and I went to Woy Woy for the lantern parade. Zoe and Neo made lanterns earlier during summer vacation. There was a big festival going on in Woy Woy when we arrived, with a band stage and many vendor booths. It had been a hot day, so children were jumping off the pier into the Brisbane Water. The parade started at 8:45pm. As we walked along the parade route, people were taking pictures and videos. It was fun. The parade ended in a park along Brisbane Water, where the fireworks were scheduled to go off at 9:15. We were front and center!

Zoe & Neo in the parade

Pelican in the Parade


Neo & Zoe with lighted lanterns (candles)
The boat we followed, prior to it being lit.

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