11 January 2010

Zoe's 7th Birthday

Zoe with the fruit kabobs we made, Neo with his own creation

Zoe (with Erin) blowing out her candles....

Zoe turned 7 on Sunday 10 January 2010. To celebrate, she had her first friends invited party at Madtown Twisters, a gymnastics facility in Madison. She invited her entire class - 13 children (7 boys and 6 girls). Plus her best friend, Erin. In addition, her 3 siblings (Clara 12, Tristan 9, and Neo 3) came along. All attended, save one little boy who wasn't able to attend, because his sister was having a birthday party on the same day.

Clara and Tristan on the trampolines.

Zoe with her friend Erin (Erin is 10 days younger)

We made fruit kabobs. Neo made his own version with apple wedges. We also had a veggie and apple platter. (I didn't think the apples would spear well - but Neo showed me otherwise).

Neo landing in the foam blocks

The party started at 11am with 1 hour of time in the gym. There were trampolines, foam block pits, balance beams, bounce house, a rope to swing from, and a maze. The children had a great time.

Soulara, Grace and Ellie enjoying pizza

At noon, Papa John's made the pizza delivery - 6, 14" pizzas. Zoe had "My Little Pony" paper plates, cups, and napkins. We went with "generic" party hats - that the children had fun with. One girl wasn't able to play in the gym so she joined us in the party room for lunch.

Lorelei made this great pillow for Zoe :)

We had cupcakes with 7 candles plus the number 7 candle. It took Zoe several trys to blow all the candles out, perhaps because of all her missing teeth?

Jackson, Arun, Aidan, and Samuel

Afterward, some of the children wanted to go back to the gym...while others wanted Zoe to open the gift they had given to her. Zoe received many lovely gifts with many proud prouncements of "I picked that out myself".

Zoe and Ella

The party was a good opportunity for me to put names with faces in Zoe's class - and to meet their parents. I haven't met many since Zoe started at St James school in October.

When we got home, Zoe opened a few more gifts. We had more fun with the birthday hats. Then we wrote the thank you notes and took them to school on Monday.

Zoe's new robe and "paper dolls" book from Grandma Stallman

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