24 January 2010

Clara's Friend from Out of Town

While Clara was going to school at Shorewood Hills elementary, she made many friends. One of her best friends was Sahalie Donaldson, who moved away at the end of 4th grade. Sahalie lives in Utah. She came to visit her friends in Madison over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Sahalie boarded a plane alone and came to visit Clara, Maxine, and Elena. She chose to come at this time because Elena, another good friend of Clara's was about to depart for 8 months in Italy. (She left on 19 January)

Clara had the privilege of hosting Sahalie beginning the afternoon of 16 January, Saturday through the afternoon of 17 January.

Saturday afternoon the girls "hung out", went to the library, and looked at pictures on the computer. After supper, they got out the "Harry Potter Scene It" game and played with Tristan and Zoe.

On Sunday, we backed a lunch and drove to the Wisconsin Dells for a day at Mt Olympic indoor waterpark and indoor theme park. I was concerned it would be packed - but it was a light day. The girls were able to go on every waterslide without lines. Tristan also had no difficulty go on as many waterslides as many times as he wanted.

Zoe, Neo and I stuck to the kiddie slides, the lazy river, and the hot tub!

The indoor theme park was a lot of fun. It was small and enclosed. The crowds were small and I wasn't worried about the whereabouts of the children.

Tristan headed for the arcade and spent most of his time there.

Clara and Sahalie had fun going on all the rides. Sahalie treated Clara to dippin dots ice cream.

Zoe was cautious about going on rides to begin with. But once she tried things, she was very happy to go on a 2nd and 3rd time - alone.

I took Neo on the Go-cart and the bumper cars. I gave Tristan and Neo some money for skeet ball while I took Zoe on the roller coaster. Later, Neo played mini bowling while I took her on again. He loved he mini bowling!

There was also a ball zone that Zoe, Neo and Tristan enjoyed playing at.

Neo pleaded to go on the indoor roller coaster "The Mouse" but he was too short. No amount of showing him the height requirement or explaining to him would satisfy his demands to go on. So I took him through the line. When the attendant told him he was too small, he sobbed! Half an hour later, he was begging to go on again! By the time we left, he was screaming and crying that he wanted to go on the mouse! He screamed all the way to the car! I guess we went out with a "bang" not a whimper. :)

Thanks for coming to visit, Sahalie!

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