24 December 2009

Christmas Eve Ice

It snowed yesterday and overnight. The rain began this morning. It was freezing rain at first, then changing over to rain as the temperatures rose. The forecast is for more rain into the night then changing back to snow as the temperatures fall below freezing again. What a mess things will be on Christmas day!

Our neighbor was on his roof removing snow!

Neo and Tristan used the new snow to build snow folk.

I must be distracted by the ice and snow this year because I forgot about my appointment for one of my favorite events of the year: the Christmas Eve American red Cross blood drive at the Alliant Energy center. There is music, Santa, a festive atmosphere. Really a wonderful event - and I missed it.

While Neo was outside in the morning, he was waving a stick around. A piece of ice and the stick caught him in the eye. After Christmas Eve church service at Blackhawk church, I took him to the Urgent Care. He explained to the doctor what happened. He was very brave while they looked for any foreign matter. But he began to cry about 1/2 way through the eye irrigation procedure. What a way to spend Christmas Eve.

I think I hear Santa arrive about 11pm. Norad Santa watch confirms that.