21 December 2009

Catching Up

It's December 2009 and we've managed to get integrated into our old life, more or less. We are living in our house. I am working part time from home and managing our 4 unit apartment building. Dave is working at the same company he worked at prior to our departure. Tristan is back at Shorewood Elementary school. Clara is back at Hamilton Middle School. Zoe didn't want to go back to Shorewood, so we enrolled her at St. James school, where she happily attends 1st grade in a class with 14 students.

It took months to feel like we were "home." Part of this is because of the reception I received upon my return to Madison (for more details, follow this link then click the back button to continue on in the blog). It took Dave's work more then 2 months to bring him onboard upon our return. Getting into the swing of the schools and work really helped to settle us in.

We have some wonderful friends and neighbors. But these relationships have changed because of absence. We have changed too. We are settled. Madison and our house feel like "home" but....we'll keep our options open.

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