04 July 2009

Santa Barbara Zoo

Clara on a lion statue at the Santa Barbara zoo

We arrived in Los Angeles from Brisbane, Australia on Saturday, June 27....4 hours before we left! The flight was just under 14 hours. After making our way through customs, and discovering that Neo's car seat and stroller were on a later flight, we took a taxi to Union Station. We took the train to Santa Barbara....Clara was the only one awake. Grandma and Grandpa Smith greeted us at the Amtrak Station and took us to get our rental car, then our hotel. We met later for pizza then off to bed for us.

Neo in the egg.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day....perfect for going to the Santa Barbara zoo. It's a wonderful zoo - great size for visiting in one day. Grandma and Grandpa, Elena and Carmelo joined us.

Neo sliding down "the ant hill"

Zoe designed her own button at the zoo

We ate lunch at a new tex-mex restaurant. Delicious chicken tacos!! I haven't had tacos in a long time.

Neo, Tristan and Carmelo peering through the windows at the California Condors

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