05 July 2009

CA to WA Road Trip - Part 2

On July 4, we left Eureka, CA for the 5 hour drive to Eugene, OR - 294 miles (474 km). We had the pleasure of driving in Redwoods National and State Parks. The first sights were the ocean with Black Sand beaches.

We liked the Smith State Park

The surprise of the day came when we took Hwy 199 from CA 101 toward Interstate Hwy 5. This road is a two lane hwy right through the heart of redwood forests. The trees are amazing....and the forests are magical and peaceful. With the fog hanging in the upper branches, and the sunlight streaming through, it was mystical.

The curves on Hwy 199 are sharp, and the speeds drop to 30mph in some places. There are lovely streams running through deep gorges. The natural beauty is amazing.

I was surprised to see the traffic from Oregon into California being diverted for inspections. There was a sign on our side of the road talking about fruit quarantine. Perhaps that is what they were looking for? But a state inspection?

Through the windscreen.

The vistas on Interstate Hwy 5 were of the majestic mountains. This road had some nice easy curves, and steep grades....both up and down.

Golden bears on either side and either end of this bridge.

Whale sighting! This one was in Crescent City, CA

Dave went to University of Oregon, Eugene years ago. He recommended we get New York style pizza from Sy's. We were a little concerned as we walked to the restaurant that it might be closed on July 4 - many were. We enjoyed our pizza supper then walked to the University to look around. Everyone enjoyed seeing a squirrel. We haven't seen one for months!

Neo and Zoe outside of Sy's Pizza - Neo pushed the stroller all the way

Zoe in front of the University of Oregon sign

The 4th of July fireworks were visible from just outside our hotel room. It was a nice treat for the entire family. It was fun to watch Neo so excited about them. He and Zoe were jumping up and down with delight.

We arrived in Belfair, WA a little before 4pm on Sunday. I was surprised how far off "the beaten path" the house is. As is the norm, we brought rain overnight to this area that hasn't seen it for months.

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