22 March 2009

Somersby Falls

On Sunday, 15 March, we were looking for a family outing. I had read about Somersby Falls and wanted to take the family there. Dave had convinced them that since there had been rain recently, there would be leeches, so no one wanted to venture out.

Dave and Tristan at the Upper Falls - just steps from Parking Lot

At the lower falls

I did the research and could see from pictures online that the upper falls area was just steps from the parking lot and on rock, so no leeches. I bet with Dave that there would be no leeches at the upper falls (I'll be collecting my dinner out later). The trail to the lower falls I couldn't guarantee. While the path was muddy in places, there were no leeches.

Zoe catching tadpole

We did find tadpoles - much to the children's delight. And Dave traveled even lower to another part of the falls while the children and I explored the level we were on. The Somersby Falls are the most photographed in the Gosford area, according to the bush trail book I got the idea from.

Only Dave explored this part of the falls - he said the path was very muddy

After we explored and played in the falls, we enjoyed a picnic lunch. A lovely day.

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