16 March 2009

Killcare Beach Outing

This sign shows where Killcare beach is.

This photo shows Killcare beach from the lookout.

On Sunday 8 March, we decided to explore a new beach, Killcare Beach. It is just up the Scenic Highway a few kilometers from where we live. The effects of Cyclone Hamish can be seen here in the waves and the currents.

We went looking for fossils near the rocks on the beach - Dave's favorite activity these days. There is a lot of rock from Triassic period in this area.

We had a great time.

We found quite a few fossils.

This was one of the largest. Dave has posted more photos on his Facebook page.


TheHarriman Family said...

It looks like you had a great time! It is hard to relate to the summer pictures. We just had snow again :-) We sure have reversed our weather haven't we!

Catherine said...

Ranae -
I'm SO relieved we are not in snow! I'm SO happy with our weather! It's been perfect lately - not too hot and not too cold. The nights have been cool - generally need a blanket - but the days are shorts weather. Brill!

Talena said...

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