07 November 2013

Sydney North Athletics Carnival 2013 plus

Tristan in the white & red race shirt walks to starting line
Tristan's time for the 100 metre race qualified him to run at the District level, Sydney North.  It was held at the Sydney Olympic park.  Tristan ran well.  But it's all about the Hoodie.  The line for the "jumper" snaked from the entrance gate and up the stairs.

Neo (center) in Red Vest, dancing

Neo was in the K-2 school musical "Giraffe's can't Dance" which is a book they put music and dances to. Well done, as usual.  Neo had a great time performing.

Tristan's birthday was over the school holidays.  He took his friend Ziggy along for go carting.  Clara, Neo and I raced as well.  We had a great time.  Then sushi for lunch.
Ziggy & Tristan

At the end of October, we moved back to MacMaster's Beach.  This house has 5 bedrooms.  Each of the kids' rooms is larger then the house in Copa.  We are tucked back in the trees.  Large yard.  Views of the lagoon and of course walking distance to the beach and school - if the kids are so inclined.  So far I've been driving them to/from school each day.  We did have a rare Long Billed Corrella visit at our new house.  And King Parrots, Dave's favorite are a common sight.
Rare Long Billed Corrella

Clara & I following her Induction Ceremony
Clara was inducted into Student Representative Council last Friday.  This is for 2014 and her Year 11.  She will be attending functions as a representative of the school.  She was chosen out of a field of applicants.  Really proud of her hard work on the Year 10 exams.  It used to be common for Year 10 students to receive a certificate from high school after year 10.  That's mostly been phased out, but a Record of School Achievement (RoSA) is offered for those who complete year 10 and have full time employment or full time training course (apprentiship).
Special dessert Sushi

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