05 August 2012

Olympics at Home

While the world is focused on the Olympic games in London, our little school in Copacabana hosted their own games on Friday.  "Countries" were represented by the students.  Metals were handed out.  Clara and some of her friends from the High School came to assist with the games for volunteer credit.  In the end, Denmark came away  with the most Gold Medals.

Neo and friend - Olympians for "France"
Zoe in the hurdles

Tristan participating in the Olympics

Clara was  honored at a Mayorial Reception for participating in the door knock campaign for the Red Cross.  Other schools also raised money and were invited.  Copacabana was the only primary school that raised money for the Red Cross via a cake sale.  The Copa representatives are up front with the Mayor.  Clara is just behind.  Her friend Matt is wearing red.  An article appeared in the local paper with a group picture as well.                                                

Mayorial Reception for student Red Cross Door knockers  
Clara's school had crazy hair and dress up day.
Clara started working on her hair at 3:30am

Tristan has been chosen to participate in the Mathematical Olympiads held at his school.  The problems he is asked to complete are not simple.  Here are samples from the website.  In the latest competition, Tristan had 3 out of 5 problems correct.  I didn't do as well.  Here's one problem:  Find the sum of the DIGITS of the first 25 odd natural numbers.

Copa school held their sports carnival on the Friday prior to the Mini Olympics.  All students ran the 100 meter.  Those who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ran in the time finals.  Tristan and Zoe also ran in the 200 meter races.

Neo is proud of his 3rd place ribbon
Neo in the 100m race.

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