04 March 2012

Bye Bye Pinkie Pie

Bye Bye Pinkie Pie
"My Little Pony"

Since 2 years of age, Zoe has loved "My Little Pony". At that time, the ponies had long flowing manes and tails. She earned ponies as incentive during potty training. She also watched many Pony stories on DVD. The ponies had many wonderful, animated adventures with Zoe. In 2009 the tooth fairy gifted her the smaller ponies (as pictured). By 2010, the larger ponies were all given away. Recently she decided she's too grown up for ponies. After she bundled them away, I kept them for a couple of months, to see if she might like them back. She insisted she was done. I hear the pages in the book of life turn as this chapter closes.

The 2012 school year started on 30 January. Tristan is in year 5, Zoe in year 3. Clara returned to high school and year 9 on 31 January. Neo and I spent our last week together. This was a long chapter in the book of my life, now closed. Many tears were shed.

Neo's first day of kindergarten.

Neo's first day at "big school"

Neo was very proud and happy to begin kindergarten on 6 February. He enjoys being in "big school" like his older sibs. Neo is in Mr. Baker's class. He has a wonderful year 6 buddy, Will, who has been keeping him company during lunch and recess. They have already been bringing home readers. He's doing very well.

Tristan is in Mrs. Drennan's/Mrs. Wilson's class again this year. Last year, Mrs. Drennan gave birth to her first child at the end of Term 2. Mrs. Wilson took over teaching the class for Terms 3 and 4. This Term, Mrs. D teaches 4 days/week while Mrs. W teaches 1 day. Next term it will be Mrs. D 3 days to Mrs. W's 2 days. In addition to 2 teachers, it's a blended classroom with years 4 and 5. At the Meet the Teacher evening, I discovered there is much to juggle and the curriculum is packed.

Mr. Baker and Neo

Zoe is in Mrs. Walter's year 3 class. Mrs. Walter's is new to Copa school. Zoe is happy with her class and doing well.

Zoe celebrated her 9th birthday with a sleep over party hosted 4 February. They swam in the pool. Made some crafts. Cracked open a pinata. Watched a few movies. Stayed up too late giggling and talking. Then got up too early to giggle and talk some more.

Zoe hosted her first sleep over party.

Clara was thrilled to find out she had her three top choices for Selectives: Visual Arts, Marine Biology, and Photography. These Selective Courses run 2 years - years 9 and 10. She is preparing for the High School Certificate at the end of year 10. She will go on to earn her Higher School Certificate at the end of year 12.

I chocked back tears as I gifted Zoe's ponies to the 5 year old daughter of a special friend. I've been told the ponies adventures continue. :)

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