10 January 2012

Time Capsule

On Zoe's 9th birthday, our belonging from the US were delivered to our residence in Australia. It was like opening a time capsule. Among the packed boxes were photo albums from my childhood. Photos and keepsakes from my children's baby years. There were paintings and pictures the children had made. Dave's ceramics from his college days. All survived the trip.

The time capsule was not limited to saved mementos. The boxes were packed in 2010 and stored for 1 year before arriving in Sydney. The toys and other personal effects reflected who the children and we were back then.

It was especially poignant to open my grandma Polansky's jewelry box to find the early 1900s birthday card my grandma Sorenson had given to me years ago. Zoe said, "It's like it was given to me on my birthday." Yes. All the way through the generations.

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