12 November 2011

Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat

Zoe's year 2 class performing a dance.

Class 2S performing.

Happy at the end of the final performance.


The Copacabana K-2 put on a musical based on the book: "Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat"
authored by Stephen Michael King. Zoe's teacher put the book to music and the children danced in between reading/reciting the picture book to the audience.

On the way out of the theatre.

After many weeks of practice during the school day, there were four performances. The first was a matinee for the older students and teachers/staff. Then there were two night performances and a matinee performance. Zoe was tired but happy at the end of it.

Just a glimpse.

The children were all adorable. They performed quite well. I was fortunate enough to be in the audience on both evening performances. They out did themselves in the final performance.

All performers onstage at the finale.

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