27 May 2011

Term 2 Off to a Running Start

Term 2 began on April 28th. We've just completed Week 5 of Term 2.

On May 6th, Copa school held their Cross Country Carnival. The track was around the playground and tennis courts 3 times. There was even a parent run, which I participated in.

Zoe had been dreading running CC, but by race day, she was enthusiastic. She came in 5th in the 8 & 9 year old girls race. The top 5 racers in each category represent the school at the District level, Zoe was in.

Tristan ran in the boys under 11 years race. He was in First Place for two laps. On the last lap, he pulled his hamstring and had to sit out the rest of the race. He was very disappointed.

Clara running in the U14 Girls Race at Brisbane Water Zone

At the High School, Clara was also participating in Cross Country and Track and Field Events. She said she couldn't get the hang of the javelin, but she came in 3rd in the shot put. In cross country, Clara came in 6th and was on the reserve list for Brisbane Water District level.
Brisbane Water Zone Cross Country Race

On Monday, May 23rd, Clara ran in the Girls under 14 race at Brisbane Water with 7 or 8 other schools. Clara came in 29th of about 60 runners.

Rylee and Zoe in blue running at the Brisbane Water Zone race

On Friday, Zoe ran in the Brisbane Water District level for the girls ages 8 & 9. There were about 20 schools. She came in 57th with her friend and class mate, Rylee in 56th.

The race days on Monday and Friday were beautiful, sunny days. Which was a relief after the cold, wet, rainy days the rest of the school week.

Rylee and Zoe post race

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