28 November 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Pelican getting directions from the local police

27 November is the correct date - but the year ??
I thought it was very economical of the City to reuse the banner.

Thanksgiving in Australia is just another work day. We did not make a special meal on Thursday, but we did express good wishes to many in honor of the day.

On Saturday, Clara, Neo and I went to Gosford to take part in the parade featuring Mr & Mrs. Claus. There were rides and special activities at the park following the parade.

Gosford's celebrated Town Crier.

Neo with Koala from the Marching Band.

There were free bouncy rides and music too. The day was very sunny and hot. We stood in line to have a chance inside the snow globe. The plastic snow was fun to throw.

On Sunday, we met up with a family formerly from Madison, WI. They moved to Melbourne a month before we returned to Australia. They were in the Central Coast for a half-marathon. It was nice chatting with them and comparing notes.

There is snow at Christmas in Australia. :)

Neo and Benjamin had fun together on Sunday

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