22 May 2009

A Great Storm

Wow! It's been really stormy and rainy for this last week. Since we've lived here, there have been two other weeks where it rained off and on for 7 days. Those storms were different - this one is much more intense. The wind from this storm is so strong that there are waves on the lagoon!

This storm extends up to Brisbane. The news reported that Brisbane had received a year's worth of rain in 3 days! With that much rain, there's been flooding. There have been evacuations in towns in northern New South Wales (our state).

The winds really whip - so our Wisconsin minds think "cold". But the temperatures have been really very moderate - even warmer then weeks prior to this. This late autumn, we purchased a space heater because it's been cold at night - 50 is the low. But the coldest night temperature has been about 55 during the storm.

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